About us

Read about who we are, what we stand for, and what our mission is!

Who are we?

OutGro is a mentoring platform connecting young professionals with seniors in the industry. In other words, juniors mentor seniors. We challenge the conventional way of mentoring, and continuous to do that with great success.

We are a mentoring platform that advises clients in various industries about their most pressing challenges.
Our ambitions are to establish transparency across the younger Generation Y and Generation X.

We Focus on developing customized solutions through a mentoring session between an experienced leader within an industry and a young talented mentor.

What is our Mission?

The mission of Outgro is to eliminate the gap between the present and the future by empowering every leader above 40 and every established organization globally (with young, talented, and high-caliber people) to achieve more.


What is our Mission?

Our vision is to have a future, where elder leaders seek the thoughts of young (under 30) and talented people on solving current issues in their professional or personal setting.


We strive to make a Difference

Let achieve greater things together!