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OutGro offers the opportunity to book individual private mentors to help you with your challenges regardless of the industry.

  • To book a specific mentor, you have to go to “Find Your Mentor”-page from the menu, and pick you mentor. Click on the line of business the mentor have an expertise within, and click on that mentor. Thereafter you will find the available reservations.
  • To book a general reservation for a mentor, you will have to go to “Booking”-page from the menu, and you will be referred to the booking-system.

Our mentors can help you align your overall strategy with your lower level operations, and then decide whether you should be on every Social Network.

Your content may or may not improve your SEO score. I depends on whether you have used the right keywords to attract more leads to your network.

Feel free to find you mentor to help you with this matter.

Our mentors has experience with expanding your business. But before expanding it, our mentors will understand your overall strategy, and determine whether that is the right thing to do or not.

Firstly, thank you very much for your interest in OutGro.

  • You can apply for a mentorship position at “Application As A Mentor”-page. You can find the page if you move your cursor to “Find Your Mentor”-page in the menu.

The cost of a mentor depends on the mentor’s demand and expertise usually within the price-range of 200-300DKK an hour

Our mentors will guide you in your journey of achieve your goal in 10 sessions. 

You can always book more session if you feel it is necessary.

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